4900 stores closing

The number of retail stores closing this year just doubled to more than 4,000 — 5000

The staggering rate of store closures that has rocked the retail industry over the last couple years is expected to continue in 2019, with roughly the same level of closures expected this year.

Retailers closed a record-breaking 102 million square feet of store space in 2017, then smashed that record in 2018 by closing another 155 million square feet of space, according to estimates by the commercial real estate firm CoStar Group.

"This year we are predicting more of the same in the retail space," said Drew Myers, a CoStar senior consultant.

Retailers have announced more than 4,000 store closures so far this year, according to an analysis by Business Insider. This list is expected to grow in the coming months.

Amazon is an amazing place to get things quick but where are these folks from all these stores going to find replacement jobs? Yes I think the retailers have flooded the market, which needs consideratio. However it’s the online onslaught that’s killing the brick and mortar stores. With the death of the local stores so goes the local jobs. I think that little Amazon logo looks more like a male body part than an arrow. “Take a good look” 👀

That would fit better with what’s happening to retail store Industry. Eh 😲😱

*source Business Insider

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