A Tasty Night Out

Linda was craving crab 🦀 this week so we raided our treat jar and went to Red Lobster. Actually my second choice, but Hoppies Crab Shack is gone😢 But all turned out well, king crab legs were very good hit the spot. I was most impressed by the staff very pleasant, the place was packed 1 hour wait but the servers were professional and most friendly to each other and guests. Something that has been troubling me for a few months is the thought of eating out and Resturant help is tampering with or serving dicey or moldy food. I have seen enough posting and youtube videos to be alarmed about it. So Linda and I have for the most part have been cooking at home we are both pretty good cooks so no problem. Except those long days when we really would rather go to bed cause we are more tired than hungey. But we were both craving tasty Maryland style crab mission accomplished 🦀🦀🦀👍


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