Amazing athletes 2020 Diamond Games

A lazy Saturday morning and wanting to be inspired by some kind of athleticis, started flipping through the 2020 Track and Field. One word impressive.


These ladies performing the Fosbury Flop to perfection. Jumping or leaping up to 7’-0”. Can we imagine jumping a foot over a six foot tall person. Then I stayed on for the men’s and women’s pole vault new records were set at 16’-4” for the women’s and 17’-3” for the men. If you want to see top conditioned athletes performing at the top of their game, its wo the view.


Pole vault men’s new records were set, outstanding to watch with wonderful camaraderie from the athletes.


with all the upside down world it’s good to see some good old fashioned high level competition with great athletes just playing for medals and personal bests and not money 💰💸

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