Andrew Dice Clay and Rosanne Barr team up comedy tour

Comes to Phila in September dubbed the Mr and Mrs America Comedy Tour.

Warning ⚠️ to PC crowd and snowflakes. This should be a hoot, if it weren’t for the probability of foul language I would go, might still be tempted just to get some fresh air. Just my view but isn’t it time we were able to laugh at each other and stop taking everything so seriously? Definitely two unlikely hero’s both have had hard knocks some deserved others not so much. Ask yourself a real questions. Remember if your able 20 years ago did you laugh more? Did you take things with a grain of salt? When ethnic jokes about everybody‘s backgrounds was funny and not mean spirited but just friendly jousting. And did every other person hate the every other person?

Take a biblical tip “laughter is good medicine“ (proverbs 17)

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