Are we poised to see history repeat itself?

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

There is a freaky kind of mirror image forming, Between The early 60’s and today. I will list a few comparisons You decide.


In the early 60s there was an awakening happening to how corrupt our government was and there were huge protests and actually even rioting mostly pointed at the government and the corruption of the government and politicians. The country was embattled in the Vietnam war which was hugely unpopular and extremely costly. It seemed to be an ever endless unwinnable war at least due to the way we were fighting it.

One thing happened out of the blue, drugs hit the scene and the big movement of fighting the corruption and the man so-called at that time and getting crooked politicians out of office became lost in the wild drug scene and free sex parties with no boundaries.

Then a young fearless President stepped up, a brash man, extremely wealtby, a womanizer with charm for some and hated by others. He was sharp fearless, took on the Russians over nuclear missels and the FBI and CIA over covert interventions that he called unacceptable. He also went after the same deep state and powerbrokers we deal with today.

Some say somewhere along the line he crossed the path of the wrong person and it cost President Kennedy his life.

Skip through time to today, the mirror Image reappears with 17 years of endless wars most seemingly no desire to win. The country is devided more so than ever, over just about everything. A wealthy man was elected President brash and self confident a womanizer with a lovely wife that enjoys wearing Tiffany blue as did Jackie Kennedy. One of his highest goals is getting rid of corruption in politics and the deep state.

Mass firing of FBI and CIA and a bunch of Alphabet soup covert entities personnel.

Now just as in 1960’s a drug has shown up marajunna and opioids to dull the minds of the free thinkers once again.

With all these things comparing so closely to each other how can it be said it’s just a coincidence?


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