"Blogging" Somewhat new for me!

I published a newsletter about 10 years ago called Good News Press, because i was tired of all the bad news and wanted an option. So lately i have been adding and projecting my opinions and ideas on facebook instead. (the format for my newsletter was discontinued) however with all the nonsense and intentional editing from FB i decided to fly sort of solo. And sharing my passions with you directly. So here is the first one!!

All these and more healthy food to get healthy

I will be adding content here now instead of Facebook. My topics will include health, fitness, good foods with recipes, cycling information and places to ride. Health issues like thyroid problems and how to cope or overcome the nations (and worldwide upcoming disease) with steroid being the number one prescribed script. Spiritual health, with how to live peacefully in an un-peaceful world. Some political comments and how to's to keep from loosing your mind when all common sense seem to be absent with out leave. I will try to get my new posts up by Wednesday each week

Did you know?

The tamarind tree produces pod-like fruit that contains an edible pulp used in cuisines around the world. BUT did you know it's good for you too. I just came across this video yesterday and reminded me of India, but i did not know of its healthful principals i have included the link below.

Tamarind Fruit

Click here for the video of Tamarind use and benefits.


What we don"t know can help or harm us..

Herbs, Spices, and ancient recipes some have been lost others we simple don't know.

See you next time ...

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