Danger US in Trouble

The new signed into law budget just hit $293,750 per household 😳

Hat 🎩 tip danbongino.com

The headline made simple and call it $29,375 per year for every household in the US for many that’s more than 100 percent. Or 28 out of every 100 households the US government takes everything you earn. BUDGET RULE #1

If you spend more than you earn you will go bankrupt. Go to Dan Bongino podcast for his full skullduggery on this topic. I have been beating this same drum since the days of Larry Burkett he was a man before his time. And his same proclamation came at a time when we could have made a difference. Please pray for this nation and get prepared the best you can, because foolish people will continue in their foolish ways don’t let us be one of them. Tommy’s Blog

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