Distractions 3 ways to learn it and make it stick.

Ever tried to focus on some new thing? Like learn a new skill, song, or just learn how hummingbirds fly south with 4” wingspans.

It takes devoted time nothing else will substitute. Try this 1% rule. 24 hours in a day multiply by 1% = 24 minutes x 5 days a week. (2 grace days)

🤔 if your giving me that eye about now, just try setting 24 minutes aside for yourself for 5 days and see what happens. THAT 24 minutes is hard to stick with.

Here is the formula I am implementing

1- first we must make space in schedules to even start the process. How many of our days are cookie cutters? Today look like yesterday and tomorrow looks like today.🤪

2- second is make room in our mind to receive new and possibly challenging thoughts.

With 24 x 7 flow of information at fire hose rates our minds simply do not have the Free Space to plug in new stuff and then remember what it was.

3- carve out small blocks of time be realistic, but consistent. Remind all around you that unless the house is on fire DO NOT DISTURB. (Probably don’t want to try this at work, even with the shortage of qualified workers taking a half hour out to learn something new might get you canned).

Like any worthwhile endeavor trial and error will come along. But be patient with yourself when you skip, but don’t keep excusing the slip. Get back on track ASAP always giving yourself the grace to forget you slipped and just pick up where you left off.

This is is a program I have implemented with my Beams Music students to help them learn. Taking lessons will never work unless you take the time to let what you have learned soak in. If not it’s just karaoke playing or singing and we have not developed ”our” own gift.

😎🎶 Tom

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