Does Sweden know something we don’t

Sweden has just issued a national program including an instructional pamphlet preparing for self survival and possible war.

I know this sounds well let’s see is bizarre enough word, maybe just a real hearty “What” Sweden is nationally prepping for a major crisis Or possible war and the program is backed and funded by their government. Their major concern seems to be Russian aggression. But maybe they are reading the tea leaves instead of being consumed by everything that doesn’t matter. There are hundreds of reasons to be prepared, from intense storms to civil unrest and everything in between. Good rule of thumb is if you have it and don’t need it no harm done. But if something does happen and you have one roll of toilet paper, no extra water, a couple cans of soup you might have a few bad days.

8 Simple minimal solutions:

1- store up a couple cases of bottled water

2- stash a 6 pack of toilet paper

3- get a small solar charger (cell phone, radios)

4- two cases of ramen noodles

5- if possible have your meds 60 day supply

6- look into long term storage foods MRES

7- have some kind of oil lamp

8- have a portable source of cooking. This is a simple and inexpensive idea. A canister or small bottle hot plate works great for heating foods and boiling water for under $30

The takeaway:

Don‘t live in fear! Just be wise enjoy every moment in everyday. Don’t be encumbered by things you have no control of. Trust God, remember nothing takes Him by surprise.

I have attached the link, because I know you think I lost my marbles.

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