Don’t Worry Be Happy

Yes I know personally it’s not easy these days to be happy. But it really does come down to our choices. Choose good thoughts.

God IS still in control, even if everything around us screams chaos, turmoil and fear. Step back and see examine where is the thoughts coming from. Can everything around us be bad of course not. It’s just where we are focused and what we allow to come into our mind gate and process. As Job said in chapter 3 verse 25 “the thing I feared most happened to me” Job had his thought focused on one thing a fear and he didn’t realize he gave life to his fear.

As 2020 continues to spin out of imagination we must take control of our thoughts and what we allow into our mind and spirit. Whatever is true, whatever is good think on these things. In my own life I have been hit by unbelievable grief and events, but I compounded it by dwelling on current events and or political stuff. When we draw our circle so small and don’t venture out and bring in fresh thoughts and good thoughts our anxiety level will go through the roof. Bust the bubble live life turn off the news, fellowship with like minded folks. Read Gods word continue to praise in the storm☔️


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