Encouragement for today

Tommy shamrock says

Find your rest for today, let your mind be still. A restful sleep is like nothing better you can do for your body. Here’s a couple tips you can do to help prepare your mind for rest. * Don’t eat past 7pm

* Drink 6 - 8 oz of water between 7 and bedtime. When we sleep we exhaust a lot of our bodies moisture. That’s why we are so thirsty when we wake. * Play some relaxing music to calm your mind. * Use candles or aroma oils, lavender is a good choice it’s amazing what our sense of smell can do. * No tense or deep discussions before bedtime , table it until another day it‘l keep. Try some CBD oil, it works with our own cannabinoid receptors CB-1 and CB-2 which help with anxiety and in turn improves sleep. Happy dreams.

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