Etrade to offer crypto trading

It’s exciting to see crypto holding its own and progressing into main trading, with the Etrade launch expected in May 2019.

There is plenty of opinions on crypto currency, however if most folks would take a sober look at standard currency’s (non gold backed money) crypto might look like a bright hope. If you have had to go to a bank for some transaction other than small deposits or withdraws you have experienced some weird benchmarks now Restricting all of us.

Here’s a small list

1- can’t change a $20 bill if you don’t have an account.

2- limit the amount of withdrawals and deposits that can be made on a daily and monthly basis.

3- The federal rule, also known as Reg D, comes from the Federal Reserve Board and puts a limit of six transactions per month on certain transfers and withdrawals from your savings or money market account.

4- report activities to federal agencies of personal and business accounts.

5- Banks lack liquidity, with the Federal Reserve making FDIC insurance promises that it cannot back in a worse-case.

6- The federal debt is higher than it has ever been, approaching 20 TRILLION dollars and exceeding 154k per taxpayer,

Here is a link and kudos to Aaron Wood fine article in Bloomberg.

As always I recommend you hedge your bet by adding some crypto to your holdings, and toss in some silver as well. 💰👍 be smart.

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