Fightn Rona with Vitamin D

Dr Rhonda Patrick speaks up on the importance of Vitamin D, how worldwide studies are showing positive helped prevent covid 19, and has lessened the effects if you become sick. Boost your immune and kick up your vitamin D for a one two punch against rona.

Dr Rhonda Patrick confirms something I have been personally using for six months. I was diagnosed vitamin D deficient due to my thyroidectomy. I Found out it is moui importanto if you have no thyroid or thyroid issues. My doctor at Keystone Functional Medicine put me on 5000 IU D plus K1. Once I started talking it my body responded positively in about two weeks. My thyroid medicine was absorbing better I was finally feeling better after two years of feeling like crap.

I am not a professional or do I give professional advice just sharing how I have been helped to get back to my well being and activity levels. Here is the link to the Joe Rogan show featuring Dr Patrick, hear it from the source directly and make your own decisions. JOE ROGAN The more we the better we feel. Tommys blog

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