Good vs Evil take a test..

With all of the clammer these days of the big R vs the big D, politics, vs common sense, right vs wrong it’s hard to know where you are standing and why. I have a different take i am thinking it all boils down to this good vs evil. With no shades of grey or a thousand ism or ist’s to tag someone with. All things can be placed in a column of this is good or this is evil, and then the choice is ours. Bringing along all of the consequences those decisions elevate or burden us with. All this finger pointing, rage, violence, hatred, deceit, love, kindness, self control, patience, can be placed in either a pro or con/good or evil list. So I decided to do just that generating a little visual to emphacize the point, I created a short list. You can expand with whatever else you think of but this will get us started. Take a moment and see if this sums up what wrong. I will enjoy your feedback.

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