Got a smartphone? Your being spied on..

When you go shopping and don’t turn off your WiFi you are like walking fly paper. Every store you pass and 90% have a little google gadget (most popular but 100‘s of in kind spyware) that keys your phone and pulls all you online searches some even access contacts for the store to remarket you. Facebook messenger is huge on this that app has access to 60% of your phone 😱

Be very careful about where you sign up for rewards. I have pulled back on most of those marketing trackers better known as reward cards. Why does this personal information get hacked ?? 👀 Because 90% of these rewards card gatherers sell YOUR information 🙀 it’s a huge market, I know first hand I get marketers everyday asking for list of customers, and they always have list for sale. I don’t engage in this practice with either of my companies. Also when you go into malls turn off your WiFi every store has software that logs into your phone and can see all your lastest online searches 😳🤯then send you anonymous emails ads if they also sell on Amazon you’ll get ads for places you may not have shopped but were in the reach of their spyware. Don’t doubt me I know the dark sides game. 🤑

Be smart, be aware get that target off your back 🎯

This is just one invitation I get everyday to target potential customers.

A clip from the link below how to entice a shopper in before they come into your store via “your” phone.

The lone mall wanderers: Leveraging location data and automation tools, a retailer can target shoppers who are in a mall but have yet to walk through its doors with a push alert featuring a personalized offer to entice them in.

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