I am thinking this is the best tasting chicken soup I every ate.

Made with a style cooking called Chinese hotpot 火鍋 it’s remarkably tasty, healthy, and the aroma while it’s cooks will have your mouth watering.

The hot plate is so simple it’s a completely portable unit by GasOne fueled by 10 oz aerosol can ready available. Just pop them in the side compartment flip the lock lever and your ready to cook.

*I like GasOne because the fuel cell locks firmly in place and in its own compartment.

Heres my quick and easy recipe for a 15 minute start to slurp chicken soup.

1 package ready cooked tortilla chicken strips

2 cups water

4 chicken bouillon cubes (4 tsp )

1 medium carrot

1 spring onion

1 celery stick

1 hand full of bean sprouts

2 pinches of Chile pepper flakes no seeds

(if you like a bigger kick keep the seeds)

Serves 2 with a bowl left over.


Bring the Water to boil about 4 minutes

add the bouillon stir frequently

dice all ingredients (reminder small pieces cook faster and add more flavor)

add the chicken, dice the strips

keep your heat about medium

use the carrots as a measure of ready to eat once they soften grab your bowl.

Choice of complementary tea to round out your meal.

1st choice black tea with red plum

2nd Green Tea

Tip for health:

For body healthy veggies don’t over cook them keep them a bit on the firm side.

There are unlimited ideas for the hotpot if your not in a hurry to eat, try thinly sliced lamb strips with noodle and use your imagination for the veggies 🌶 it’s truly delicious 😋

Enjoy 👍👍👍

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