If I Could Read Tea Leaves, Which I Can't. I Would Get Robinhood App. And Get Some Bitcoin. 

The back and forth with Bitcoin everybody has their opinion but if you look at the overall progress it's amazing.

At the end of December 2019 Bitcoin was just barely trickling over $7600. January 10 2019 Bitcoin was $4040 what does this tell the tea leaf reader? If I bought any amount of Bitcoin in 2019 from $20 to $1000 we would have almost doubled our 💰 money. AMAZING 😎 With this being said the Robinhood App is fantastic it's easy to setup and easy to manage "yes even the pre-boomers" can figure it out I did. Its simple to add some money each week or month just like putting money in your piggy 🐷, and buying and selling are a snap. Check you interest rates at your bank maybe a half a percent that's horrible. Your dreams aren't coming true with that one Gumby. Just this week Bitcoin went from $7985 to it's current today value of $8872 that's a multiplyer of 1.11 since December 30 2019 how bout that 😎 My point of this rambling is explore your money options be wise and maybe an unexpected dream will come true.

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