Most American high schoolers 15-18 don't know how to manage money

Most have no clue how to balance a checking account.

*American high school sophomores spend their time learning chemistry, calculus and anatomy, but in practical matters of money they don’t fit the bill.

Ranking well behind Chinese, Estonian and Australian students in financial literacy, says over 60 percent of American teens don’t know how to approach basic financial problems.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development tested the financial literacy of 15-year-olds in 18 countries, asking them to do basic financial math. The test included things like balancing checkbooks, looking for potential fraudulent charges in a bank statement and creating a monthly budget.

Michael Davidson, head of OECD childhood and schools division, “What the study shows is that 60 percent of American students across the country don’t perform to a level that we would consider necessary in order to be successful later in life.”

Davidson said that because teens are becoming increasingly involved in financial decision-making situations, financial education is “paramount” to a stable economic future.

Its called skin skin in the game when your still living off mom and dad, or mom and or dad you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Wow you say what a statement, how could I say such a thing?

Point to ponder, if you are allowed to make your opinion (by vote) about a certain law or tax however it would have no affect on you if implemented how is that fair to the one being posed upon?

Thats the same situation that Congress passes laws and mandates for the US citizenry to have one type of health insurance subpar I might add, while Congress and elected officials enjoy the best even so called Cadillac healthcare programs Same principal applies.

Think and speak up.

Source for data

Deseret News 2015*

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