Multiple thoughts to my fellow Hemp entrepreneurs.

Keep the main thing, “the” main thing

For me this past week was a wonderful week of talking to new clients regarding their health issues, and then being able to offer them the best CBD product to help meet their need. It’s truly an amazing feeling. When from my own personal experience and the science from my company we have the resources to help people feel better, regain their health and live life more fulfilled, now that’s ”the” main thing and reason for what we do. Life happens to all of us, budgets need met, bills always seem to get more not less, the pressure of owing our own business gets nudging us toward the dollar. While it’s completely important to perform our due diligence and run our business well to stay in business, in my humble opinion we must not take our eyes off of the real prize helping people. We of MDC have a rare insight that our potential clients haven’t experienced yet. Usually we have had some health problem, tried the CBD oil with wonderful results then dove into the business with both feet. Just remember each person learns at their own pace, just because we have seen first hand won’t mean they get it right away help them learn. In my opinion most of us Hemp Entrepreneurs see two things coming down the road like a high speed magnet train. A Health crisis here in the US especially but globally, but we also see a financial crisis as well. My passions for each of these topics can get me on the soapbox in a New York second. It’s very easy for me to overpower my audience with details that I have learned over the past six years. I have been blogging about health, financial, and cryptocurrency for over four years now. When I started the blog my reason was to help people avoid the tragedy (health/finances) I went through and if your in my situation how to better your life. Then CBD oil came into my focus three months ago and has given me a full house hand. Helping each person I come in contact with possibly better their life and be prepared for our quite uncertain future. Lets call this reflection Friday blog and keep our main focus on reaching out to our hurting neighbors, yes most likely we have an answer to a host of health issues and most of their financial problems. We “I” must deliver our understanding and knowledge at a rate it will be received, often reminding ourselves we too learned at a certain pace. Have a wonderful blessed Friday

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