Not all CBD products are created equal.

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This is the excerpt from the Fox News 8 Hat 🎩 tip the Buckley Report

In an era when we’re finding some people are wrongly convicted of crimes, the plant hemp -- if it had a brain -- might say it knows how they feel.

“Unfortunately, hemp got thrown under the bus with marijuana,” Clayton Halls said. “Because, back in 1937, the climate there was that the prohibition of alcohol had come to an end and they needed a new enemy that they created and hemp just happened to be right there.”

And, for the next 81 years, hemp remained illegal to grow and to consume. But modern science is showing that for a lot of people it can have tremendous benefits. Things began to look up for hemp when tobacco began to fade and it just so happened that the powerful US Senator from the number one tobacco-producing state in the country, Kentucky, began looking for alternatives to tobacco as the realities set in about the damage tobacco can do to the body.

Mitch McConnell helped steward the farm bill through Congress that made hemp growing and consumption legal again.

“Back when the 2018 Farm Bill passed, it opened up this whole new territory of this amazing plant that was used for thousands of years that was off limits since, really, 1937,” Halls said. “And, when it hit the scenes, people were very curious about it and they wanted to start using it and trying it. And, as more people started trying it, they started experiencing amazing health benefits that were life-changing and word quickly spread about it.”

That’s how Halls became familiar with it. He was a personal trainer and had seen how many people he knew were benefitting from its use. But, like most things, it’s not a case of, “If some is good, more must be better.”

“Dosing is really important. So finding out that right dose -- we call it, 'The sweet spot,' so people need to find the right dose for them,” Halls said. "And it's not based on any specific formula as far as age or weight or male or female. It has to do with how their body is responding to it.”

Halls recommends people begin with a relatively low dosage and ramp up slowly, over a matter of a few weeks to find their sweet spot.

The other issue is that hemp and the oil it produces – cannabidiol, commonly called CBD – has become so popular so fast that it has led to people getting into the industry to make a quick buck.

“The problem with that is, they're willing to put out any kind of oil – no matter how low-quality, no matter what's in it, no matter if it's been tested or not, third party, no matter if it has a certificate of analysis on it -- they don't care as long as they can get a label of CBD oil and get something in a bottle on that shelf,” Halls said. “Just because a label says, '500 mgs,' doesn't mean you're going to have 500 mgs in that bottle.”

Halls says you need to make sure you buy a product that is organic and has the independent laboratory test to prove it, as well as the seal of approval of the US Hemp Authority. Find out what those look like and why organic is essential for hemp in this edition of the 🎩 Buckley Report.

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