Part 3 Good Health God Given.

Did God supply us with a plant to help our bodies with nearly every ailment?


To help answer this question lets go back to the time of Noah Abraham how did they live so long (200 to 900 years old) and the Bible describes them as their eyes were not dim and their muscles were not soft. Or stepping more into the present history the Native American tribes, all were subject to harsh elements survived and thrived before the medicines of today came along. Take a look at some of the photos of the native America tribes. They were healthy strong physically fit, some tribes known to be able to run all day. Not even some of our best marathoners could hang with that. The answer to the original question is very simple “probably”. The Native American tribes as well as the ancient forefathers had knowledge of natural remedies, and fresh foods. They were most active, cooked and ate what they gathered, and smoked or dried fresh meats and plants. So much knowledge has been either lost or hidden from generations past. Knowledge of plants that help with everything from anxiety to constipation. Processed food and sugar were not consumed, early sweeteners came from honey and molasses. Many books have been written on foods and remedies, healthy eating from Atkins to vegan but seem to hang on the edge of extreme, we have pills for everything however seems to be without balance.

I’m thinking there is a better way, I have provided links to some sources I used to help with this blog. Enjoy and let’s get our health back.


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