President Trump is Gods chosen man?

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Some say President Trump is God’s chosen man, from evangelical Christian to Orthadox Jews and each one for slightly differing reasons.

As the fury pitch continues from those that hate, despise, LOATH our President has anyone paused to really think if they given all the circumstances would do any better. I have always held the view that this line in the sand, this the tipping point of irversible damage is a spiritual one and nothing more. All other troubles will disappear if the spiritual course is corrected to realien with Godly principals.

First things first: So what’s wrong why do I consider there to be a tsunami size catastrophe heading our way? Here’s a partial list of the issues facing this nation and then the world by default.

• spiritual depravity (calling good evil and evil good)

• greed ( lack of conscience regarding finicial dealings cheating okay if you get ahead.

• overwhelming debt ( US debt is 20 trillion $$ in debt paying 500 billion in just interest payments

• family breakdown christain marriage divorce stats are equal to non Christian in divorce rate

• abortion the reckless abandonment of killing a human life either while in or out of the womb

• worshipping idols in major US cities we have erected monuments and statues to pegan god, some have been disguised for hundreds of years. Recently openly erected with pride.


Pagan America

Twelve stars surround the headdress of the Statue of Freedom which represents the Zodiac, an ancient Pagan astrological concept.

Why are we erecting the temple of Ba’al arch anywhere but there it is New York Washington London ?? Yes the one photo is hard to look at but then so is abortion.


God once said “you have been weighted in the balance scale and found wanting guilty of discretion.“

Back to the question why is Trump Gods man?

There is a parallel between President Trump and another God’s man Jehu. God picked him although he was called unruly and arrogant God used him to tear down the idols that His people had become to worship. (Read 1Chronicles 12)

How is Trump tearing down idols ? In his first few months in office he signed executive orders limiting abortion funding. Proposed bills to defund planned parenthood (congress did not pass) Attempted to reign in spending (congress passed huge increase) Established US as a Christian Nation. Setting up methods of prosecuting child trafficking and child prostitution crimes 6,000 sealed indictments not yet released.

Trump is Gods rod to smash kick over and destroy the detestable things of this nation, but is that all there is? As in the days of Jehu a reaction of the people was also necessary to stop Gods hand of judgement.

Next and last on why Trump is, what is our response.


I have included a wonderful teaching video from Rabbi Caan the mirror image of King Jehu and President Donald Trump.


Credit for some photos

* nobeliefs

* gateway church

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