Remembering but not mourning.

Those who gave all and are still giving to enable all United States citizens to write at leisure, be free to travel at will, be free to worship would not want our tears. I think they would rather we remember their sacrifice, appreciate it and celebrate their life.

Remember they didn’t give their lives for our division but for our unity. The biggest fracture we face is what nation are we ? Are we a global entity people of the world, or are we Americans citizens of the United States? I guess in my mind it’s simple what does our name say? If people would like something different there are plenty of options around the world to create whatever you want to call yourself. But to force your ideas and lifestyles upon a people’s who never signed up for it or pay their 40-50% of their income to maintain it will be met with severe rub and push back.

I am thinking the folks with gifts need to start using them again. I am pointing toward the musicians and songwriters that have helpEd guide this nation back to its mooringS many times. Arguing will accomplish nothing because no one is listening.


Remembering my Dad on this Memorial Day 2019.

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