Ripple more than just waves in a pond.

The crypto community is certainly a wild ride.

Hat 🎩 Tip *source: CCN World

Ripple crypto coin is a little known coin that is massively overshadowed by Bitcoin. But very quietly over the years Ripple has been a busy bee massing co-users of their coin. At the Financial Sector Conference on April 24, Saudi British Bank (SABB a 50 Billion dollar bank) announced the launch of its Instant Cross-Border Transfer Service, a payments infrastructure based on the Ripple blockchain network that utilizes crypto asset XRP for liquidity. A Key Win For Ripple and XRP?

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, has always been consistent on his vision of overtaking Swift to become a dominant banking infrastructure provider.

There are over 200 banks and other entity’s now using Ripple XRP crypto.

Ripple demonstrated its fast secure ability to transfer major dollar amounts and perform exchange rates on the Ellen Show. Ashton Kutcher brought a $4 million donation to transfer to Ellen’s charity using Ripple in seconds already converted into Rwandan Francs. Does anyone think this technology will go away. The total transaction costs $15 😲🍻

Heres the actual show Link.

So is this little Ripple staged to be the next big wave??? Time will tell 🤫


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