Simple things in life can be very rewarding #2 Fork in the Road series ..

Brewing a fresh cup of coffee can be a quite refreshing and tasteful change of pace.

I missed my Friday posting, but like most everything in life that involves change there are ebbs and flows, it’s the forward motion that counts.

Fitting in with my getting rid of stress, and debt, to regain our health and thriving lifestyle this is my second post. This little adjustment is somewhat simplistic. some background:

It started with one of my wonderful friends Sanjay Dalavai (a dear brother and fellow connoisseur of coffee and tea) we enjoyed many a tasty cup of Tulsi tea and high octane coffee while serving in India. (memories for a lifetime)

Sanjay and I were enjoying a breakfast last month and naturally the topic of hard to get a good cup of coffee today. Not something that burns wallpaper but that has great aroma and a taste to match. He shared that he has start roasting his own beans. We met up briefly a week later and he had a bag of fresh roasted beans. I opened the bag ahhhhhh now that what coffee should smell like.

But I didn’t own a coffee grinder, I had a French Press now where can I find a grinder. After a three week search snagged one at Marshall’s yesterday really cheap under $20 that helps my budget efforts. Now to that task at hand making a cup of coffee Completely from scratch. Yes I took 4 times longer than popping a KCup in the Keirig, but ya get out what you put time into. Ground my beans for two cups, boiled my water in our tea maker, put into the French Press it was nice. Uses some fresh maple syrup for sweetener it’s a must try. Uncomplicated lifestyle is how we are supposed live, not so tied up in knots we really don’t enjoy life at all, we are just existing. Join me in my quest to live a life of real freedom and enjoyment. Tommys Blog

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