The Smoke and Mirror Game Continues

Americans are going bankrupt because of blindsided medical costs, top 7 reasons a major crisis is on its way. Sorry for the cold shower.

Every moment of the day we are inundated with junk of all kinds, that clog our minds and passions with meaningless emotion. While the massive financial perfect storm overhead continues To come together. Here is a short list of the storms merging upon us.

1 CVS closing 46 stores

2 Office Depot closing 50 locations.

3 US retailers have announced closing and bankruptcy of 6,000 stores from Payless to Sears.

4 137 million Americans experienced medical hardships (as reported in USA Today Apr. 2019

5 Credit Card charge offs seven year high

6 500,000 Americans are homeless right now (as reported in Jan 2018 Department of Housing and Urban Development)

7 Welfare, free stuff, and entertainment (the exact same thing that collapsed Rome.

We have been so mind numbed By the feeding from the fire hose of distraction after distraction. From promises from politicians for free stuff, free education, free freE where’s the funds coming from? Ever wonder why the unchecked illegal imagination is overlooked or covered up? Because the real productive worker compared to the on the dole state local and federal workers Combined with the non worker is approximately 75/25 upside down. The 75% is the non billable non producing worker or student, the 25% is the revenue generating billable productive contributing to the GDP. Think about it when every road you drive on has massive pothole issues who’s actually working and that’s just one faction of government multiple that by every department.

I am just a small thinker observing the conditions I see, there is a ton of great thinkers out there blowing the warning trumpet but it falls on deaf ears.

False information

Distractions From sports and idiot TV shows keeps our attention off of the real problem.

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