The US we are in trouble denying it won’t help.

Yes I still respect the POTUS he has a daunting job remember he inherited $20 Trillion in debt. He is doing what he can but I think within the next 6 years the pressure of the debt will be to great to bare. No i’am not a professional economist, i’am an engineer and I can add.

Just so you know I think for myself.. Mr President your saying the US economy is strong and our dollar is strongest currency, ah not so much. Our nation debt just topped 25 Trillion bucks (with a T) that will never ever ever get paid back. WHY YOU SAY >>> “With $1.5 trillion US dollars in circulation, that means each ounce of gold held by the U.S. government would need to be valued at $5228/ounce. Yet gold is currently trading at only $1229/ounce.” ( here is the link to this article )

😳 hum... Folks I know it is every CEO’s job to promote their company (or country in this case to keep people’s confidence going) we must also know the truth the s@*t will hit the fan sooner or later.

“God is not mocked for whatsoever and man or woman sows they shall also reap”

Be as prepared as you can.

Be smart don’t take things at face value.

Believe God is in control

Be proactive get out of debt

Be diligent read, study, educate yourself.

Be sure what I am saying will happen..

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