Think about how much time we wasted watching sports. Here’s an alternative

Updated: May 18

One positive thing Covid has done or should have done, is help us reflect on what is important or not important. I have been guilty as well, plugged in front of a TV for hours watching some sports event with zero productivity. Sure a good sports event now and then, what’s the harm. But if like me it’s sort of addicting. Then we see how spoiled most of the pro players are and have no respect for the fans who in reality pays their enormous salaries. (Whoops I digress)

What I learned through Covid..

Take up a hobby or activity. I have alway enjoyed the Native American flute and the peaceful sound they create. But I have never played one or let alone built one. Two months ago had a lady stop into my music store asking for a native flute and help playing it. Her passion to play was so strong I was moved to help. Remember I can’t play this instrument, out of all the instruments I can play that’s not one of them. So off to the internet for some direction and knowledge. The more I read the more excited I became, ordered my own flute and got some sound from it. With my understanding of music notes all I needed was what are the note values of each hole, and how to control my breath. Hours and days went by with some sour notes, then a few sweet ones. The sweet notes started to more sweet notes and eventually some songs. The next phase of this quick journey was taking a look at the flute and deciding I can make these. I am fairly good with my hands I’m going for it. Took mine apart and searched the internet for some how too’s and building theories and off to the wood shop. I am learning how to tune them, different materials for changing tones having a blast. Now I’m expanding into PVC and River Cane flutes and Cherokee whistles. What about the lady that inspired me to start down this trail to begin with? This past Friday I called her into the store where I had made her a nice walnut flute complete with the notes to play Amazing Grace. She broke out in happy tears. Little did I know that her passion to play was fueled by a friend who’s in hospice and she wanted to play Amazing Grace on the flute for her. Yes big lump in my throat too. Moral of the story..

By being forced to slow down, having all the usual activities and time consuming things taken away I was able to be a blessing and received a blessing as well. Take a look around you today see if there is anything that has you on the sidelines, then ask what can I better fill my time with. God is so good.🤗🎶

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