Thyroid diseases such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism may cause brittle nails or splitting.

Aging can be related to nail issues, howeverhere are some telltale signs it may beyour thyroid. The fingernail has raised ridges and is thin and curved inward. This disorder is associated with iron deficiency anemia and or hypothyroidIsm

I have been on this journey for 3 years with little to no results. I believe the medical profession has been blindsided buy this epidemic of thyroid diseas. Either cancer, hashimoto’s , graves, hypothyroidis, and or hyperthyroidism. The Med field either radiate it cut it out or throw synthroid or levothyroxine at it and in the interim we feel like crap our bodies develop all kinds of other problems stemmed from thyroid. Do your homework and get healthy and feel better.



1. Premature baldness

2. Diffuse hair loss

3. Fine, thin, straight, coarse, dry hair

4. Thinning or loss of outside third of eyebrows

5. Hair loss on lower legs, arms, armpits

6. Loss of eyelashes

7. Eczema

8. Psoriasis

9. Dry skin

10. Acne

11. Puffiness above or below the eyes

12. Wrinkles on face and hands

13. Yellowish or amber skin

14. Pale or yellowish nails

15. Brittle or ridged nails

16. Striated or thickened nails

17. Nails peel or break easily

18. Soft nails due to associated iron deficiency

19. Ingrown toenails

20. Fungal infections in nail beds


Hypothyroidism decreases circulation which causes your body to send blood to its most vital organs like the brain. All the energy and resources your body can spare are being funneled to the most necessary organs for sheer survival. Meanwhile, other organs and extremities are literally left out in the cold.  As a result, blood flow to your body’s extremities is decreased, resulting in hair loss or dry and brittle hair and nails.


If you are experiencing hair loss, brittle nails or dry skin, your first step should be a thorough evaluation of your thyroid function.  Hair, skin and nail problems that are caused by hypothyroidism can be reversed by treating hypothyroidism.  We recommend treating with a desiccated thyroid preparation that is identical to the thyroid hormones made by your body.  It contains both T3, the active thyroid hormone, and T4, the inactive thyroid hormone, along with nutrients from the thyroid gland.


Take our symptom checker quiz to find out if hypothyroidism could be the cause of your hair, skin and nail problems. Remember, even if you have been told by your doctor that your blood work is “normal,” you could still have hypothyroidism since the TSH lab test fails most patients. Learn how to help your body


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