We must regain our health for the things to come.

No not trying to scare anyone, just sound a call to action while time permits.

Ever had someone say something that really really annoyed you, but was exactly the truth and precisely what we needed to hear to help us ? Thats called a true friend and someone that cares more about us than a hurt feeling. We are bombarded minutely by bull$@&t from every source of media. Meanwhile there are major events and things happening around the world, politically, economically, culturally. Problems with our agricultural Extreme weather conditions, weird things happening in space all which have or will have an impact on all of us. What do we get lies, jargon, propaganda and outright deception. What I am attempting to do with this channel is give guidance and information of what is coning our way and how to prepare for it. Gods word describes the 10 bridesmaids who were to fill their lamps and extra oil to wait for their bridegroom. As the teaching reads only five prepared and the others lamps ran out. The Bible also says “study to show ourselves approved” in learning so we know for ourselves what the truth is.

Here’s a bit of truth to ponder.


We need to get ourselves as educated as possible and as health as we can. I have began a journey down the CBD trail and I am so far pleasantly surprised it’s not just hype it’s science. I will be having regular posting on my get healthy with CDB oil adventure.

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