What about 5G, are smartphones really safe?

With 5G all the rage, tons of pros and cons over cell phones and wireless technology what’s the truth.

First question that we should ask is where did cell phones come from, and where did the technology originate.

In 1973, Martin Cooper, a scientist working for Motorola successfully made the first ever cell phone call using a portable handset. The age of the cell phone was at last born, and who did he call? None other than his rival at Bell Labs, Joel Engel, who had been racing with him to create the invention.

So the $65,000 question is our cell phones really save is 5G really safe I don’t know do you? Maybe we should put our own antennas up and do some study and research to find out would be the logical thing to quote Spock from Star Trek. Even wireless networks are under question supposedly defeating our sleep rhythms who knows??

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