What’s fuels the Trump movement ?

What has caused the Trump movement ?

My thoughts .. you may think I wear a tin foil hat 🎩 but time WILL TELL.

1- constant stereotyping. no matter the issue there is a slant attached, kinda like a local sporting event where the press box favors the home team. Even if the home team loses its because of something and not the lack of ability.

2- tearing down the sovereignty of the United States to enable Global government. Attacks on our economy (wars, wars, wars $$$ we are 21 TRILLION in debt teetering on bankruptcy. Eroding our morals and everything that is our heritage good or bad it’s what made us, us for the most part we have learned from our past and have improved.

3- calling those you oppose an “ism” racism, sexism, attach an “ist” fascist, when you slap a label like these on someone where is the middle ground?

I will dig deeper in my blog on Sunday 10/28/18

I will Close this post with this thought:

Isn’t it AMAZING how quickly the latest nut job was caught, while the case where 58 killed and 851 shot. The crowd mostly republican country music fans were shot in Vegas and we still have no clue what really happened. Isn’t it AMAZING this latest happened in October. Isn’t it AMAZING he fits the exact narrative that is painted by the anti Trump crowd to a tee the only thing not in his van a stash of AK 15’S. 👀😳

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