What’s up with President Trump? First of 3 parts.

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Why is there such anger, hatred, and even fury depending where you happened to cross the wrong path?

Q: What’s up with Trump?

One of the most well known mega wealthy US citizen a mere 5 years ago, hugely popular with Hollywood, PoliticIan’s, and businessmen alike sought after his inside circle and money. Names like Opray Winfrey, George Clooney, Joe Scarborough, both Clinton’s, the Bush’s (all of them) many politicians got serious money from pre 2016 Donald Trump.

So what’s up ?? How such a 180 degree turn when most of the public opinions he stated haven’t changed.

To clarify I hardly gave Pre POTUS Donald Trump a second thought. As for voting for him his platform issues were my issues. Abortion , world policemen, out of control debt, border invasion, corruption in government were my buggies. So the vote was natural.

Even with one hand tied behind his back and most through exec orders has delivered on campaign promises. (You May ask what has he done view the end clip of Sean Hannity reading the orders passed and signed) if you don’t like Hannity and sometimes I don’t look them up for yourself. I will help here is the link to the Federal register.


Donald Trump Twitter Oct 7 2011

“When will we stop wasting our money on rebuilding Afghanistan? We must rebuild our country first.”

A radio interview with yes Howard Stern

Sept. 11, 2002: Trump is asked publicly about his stance on the invasion, apparently for the first time. In a recently revealed audio clip of the interview, Trump gives a lukewarm support for the war.

Could it be a deeper thing than his hair or attitude, or because he’s the one that defeated the Clinton machine? In my opinion big time.

There has and is a march toward globalization. Depending on who you talk to it’s either centuries old or started with Bush senior with his infamous thousand point of light speech.

For me and my common sense thinking from a Godly mans perspective it back to the beginnin, clear back to Edan and mans fall and satanic desire to overthrow God.

Wow you say how did we get there from the war in Iraq and Trump?

lets disect what is happening right now. The US has a normal presidential election one wins one loses then all hell breaks loose. People woh disagree have even killed due to the height of anger why? Whenever things don’t add up it is time to look harder at what your being told. Even if it seems outrageous to believe. It may even challenge everything you have thought was true. And that my friends is the journey we are about to take.


When I made this collage I wasn’t aware of the David vs Goliath mirror image, just the issue all these infallible men had with women and how God used and is using them inspite of their weakness.

The spiritual side of this issue of course we know satans rebellion and cast from heaven and then centuries old fight God- satan- man. The Bible books of Daniel and Revelation are not suggestions but fact of things to come. Not pleasant for those who are rebellious. It’s satans desire to destroy Gods creation man and especially the Christ lineage of the Jews (not Jesuit’s but Hebrews there’s a difference)

The the 30,000 feet view but I would like to skip over some time and come to a prophectic message given by a worship leader will cover a lot of ground regarding the what’s up with Trump question. Then what’s President Kennedy have to do with President Trump?

Clement prophecy 2014


more to come ...

know th TRUTH it will set you free, even when it’s hard to believe.

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