Why the “Label” white nationalists

Anyone that loves their own country is a nationalist no matter what the color.

How many colors of tribes fought for this nation in all the wars. Answer: “ALL“ every color of tribe and country that call themselves an American fought and died for our nation, and should be a nationalist. Simply said we love our country, for all our flaws I don’t see hordes of people breaking into China.

What’s going on? Yup we are getting played again.. Why is congress holding “white” nationalist hearing? Maybe the trap is being set for you and me! Is any other race being labeled as BAD for being their color, loving their country, and patriotic toward their heritage? Oh by the way it’s worldwide, hum 🤔 it’s the same as guns. If they can’t take our gun, they make laws you can’t take it anywhere, tax ammo to make it unaffordable, make you out to be a Lunatic for even owing a gun. My opine: the white race of all nations is under assault from the progressives (children of the lie). (US, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Russia, Ireland, UK, Italy,) on and on Why ?We stand in the way of globalization and one world government. 🚨 (tin foil hat alert conspiracy, conspiracies) No just because you don’t like the truth doesn’t change it to a conspiracy. Remember what God called satan. “Now the serpent was more crafty (subtle, skilled in deceit) than any living creature of the field which the LORD God had made. And the serpent (Satan) GENESIS 3:1 AMP

What did satan do? His cause by deceit and trickery to Eve enticed her to make a wrong decision. Same tactic whisper in the ear of a listener make this accusation, pit this culture against each other, tell blatant lies as if it was true. Gaslight >gaslight > gaslight. How to overcome? Pray, forsake anger, and stand firm in our belief that Jesus is Lord SEE IT FOLKS THE DECEIT AND TRICKERY IS ON STEROIDS. Pray for wisdom the times are evil.

Jesse Lee Peterson has a wonderful take on how to push back the darkness.

Heres some links for thought.


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