Yes dear friends you can teach an ole dog new tricks.

For years now my beautiful sweetie has encouraged me to eat green for Breakfast?

Oh no say it isn't so don’t mess with my breakfast. I’ll try most everything for the other meals of the day but don’t touch my southern style breakfasts. My lovely Chinese wife kept persistent, please try you will like she would say😋 my answer would be that’s not for breakfast that’s okay for lunch or supper but not breakfast. 😝 BUT what typically happens to change our warped thinking? Something good or bad happens to our health and we change. For me it’s a wonderful positive progress with CBD oil and feeling my health coming back. I am inspired to eat better and change or delete old habits. Sooooo about a month ago Linda wanted me to try something green for breakfast. Besides green eggs and ham what Breakfast food is green. Her answer cucumbers 🥒😳 what? Yes, but she always gives me a reason cucumber (or in Chinese 黃瓜 haung qua) helps digestion. Yup she was right and they were tasty give a nice crunch to breakfast I was convinced. My goal for this next few months is to get my body in a more alkaline state and the deeper the green food the better to help our body become alkaline. So cucumbers for breakfast is a nice tasty way to move your body to health. Here’s the recipe

1- one small seed or English cucumber

2- two tablespoons of rice wine vinegar

3- two pinches himalayan salt

3- thee Pinches raw sugar


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